Educational Experience for
Girls in Faisalabad

28th July 2017

Government Girls High School Chak 7 JB Nalka Kohala new block with five new classrooms.

In District Faisalabad, Punjab province, Humqadam-SCRP has provided improved infrastructure to pave way for successful educational attainments. For over 700 girls at GGHS Chak 7 JB Nalka Kohala, the provision of five new classrooms and toilets has been a much needed reprieve. No longer having to cramp in classrooms and use dirty toilets, the students now feel safe, secure and included in their community school. Complete with ramps and a toilet for Persons With Disabilities (PWDs), the school’s transformation is bringing a much-improved educational experience for the students.

New toilet block to facilitate more than700 students in
GGHS Chak 7 JB Nalka Kohala.

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