ITB-007-KPK Construction of Additional Classrooms and Missing Facilities in
21 Primary Schools at Charsadda and Mardan Districts of KPK

Eligibility Information

  • The bidder must be registered with PEC in categories CA, CB, C1, C2,C3,C4 and C5 with code CE10.
  • The companies who are currently working or have worked with HUMQADAM - SCRP in the past are not eligible to apply as they may be invited through separate process, if required.
  • Contractors that are debarred or blacklisted either by donor agencies or the Federal or Provincial Government will not be eligible to participate.
  • The Invitation to Bid (ITB) document along with list of school, scope of work, drawing and bill of quantities for any lot can be downloaded from below link;

Please submit Tender documents as per this Mandatory Checklist

Lot wise details and downloadable ITB Documents, BOQ, Drawings

Sr# Lot# No. of Schools Required Classrooms Required Toilet Cubicles Available Budget (PKR) ITB Document BOQ Drawing
1 CHR Lot-04 3 4 0 4,390,586 Download Download Download
2 MDN Lot-03 10 28 06 30,820,490 Download Download Download
3 MDN Lot-05 08 11 02 12,898,122 Download Download Download
Total 21 43 08 48,109,197