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  • Towards Community Engagement

    Activities that foster a strong sense of ownership and community involvement are at the core of Humqadam's work. The new tier of CCSI has been added to strengthen wider community participation and to ensure transparency, accountability and sustainability.
    With 661 CCSI in action, a powerful chapter in community engagement is steadily unfolding to help build, maintain and sustain better schools.

  • Preserving history through Innovations

    Humqadam’s mission of improving Pakistan’s education environment goes beyond brick and mortar. Humqadam and its partners are using innovative techniques to preserve history at Government Girls High School, Kinnaird in Lahore.

  • Innovations: Chinese Brick Bond

    Humqadam is using innovative construction techniques to build safer, lasting and cost effective classrooms. One of these innovations is the Chinese Bond Brickwork Technique, which reduces the impact of the climate on the classrooms. This means that classrooms will be warmer in the Winter and cooler in the Summer.

  • Reinforced Foundations

    Humqadam-SCRP is using innovative construction techniques for Reinforced Foundations in favour of traditional brick foundation. These techniques ensure that school structures are robust and lasting, with better protection from earthquakes, floods and water seepage.